Thursday, August 24, 2017

Welcome to a new school year and a new grade for your child!

Take-home folder - The take home folder contains the papers your child has completed (and corrected) this week.  I will be sending this home each Thursday for you to familiarize yourself with your child’s weekly work.  Please sign the communication log each week and write any comments, questions, or concerns you might have.  Please send the folder (and log sheet) back to school with your child the next day (usually Friday).  I am hopeful this method will keep you in touch with your child’s progress in first grade.

Special's Schedule - Parents often like to know some of the first grade schedule.  Every Wednesday is Liturgy in our gym at 9:15 a.m., which you are always welcome to attend.  Physical Education (P.E.) will be on Monday and Thursday (Please help your child remember to wear their lace-up or Velcro tennis shoes on those days.  They could even leave an old pair in our classroom closet).  Music will be on Tuesday and Friday.  Sharing Time is on Friday (please read the sharing tab carefully).  Library checkout has been scheduled for Wednesdays.  Your child should return their library books to checkout 2 more books. 

Spelling - Your child will begin spelling next week.  The number of spelling words will vary during the school year.  We begin the year with 6 words.  Usually the pretest is given on Monday.  Look for these papers in your child’s schoolbag as they are responsible for learning the spelling list by Friday of each week.  We practice in the room, but they need to practice at home as well (homework!).  

School Doors - The outside doors to our school will be locked during the school day.  You can come into the school through the front doors and check in the office.

Email You are always welcome to email me ( with thoughts or concerns.  If you are informing me of a change in your child’s schedule that day, you need to call the office as I do not always check my email/voicemail during the school day.  Any time your child’s after school plans change, you need to send a note or call/email Sarah in the office.

Handwriting - In the folder today, I have sent home the handwriting chart that I teach in first grade.  This method is called the Zaner-Bloser method of handwriting.  Please encourage your child to use this method at home.

Religion - Mrs. Meisenheimer (the 2nd grade teacher) is also the 1st grade religion teacher.  She has a blog page with a 1st grade religion tab that has information.  You can access her blog either from my blog (There is a link on the right hand side) or the St. Malachy website.  Whenever she updates the information, I will try to let you know.  Be sure to check it out today as she has posted some of the prayers your child is expected to know. 

I am here for your child and you.  Please email me ( or call me (school 782-7125) whenever you have questions or concerns. 

Thank you and let’s have a great school year!