Thursday, October 19, 2017

I sent an email to each one of you to sign up for parent-teacher conferences.  If you did not receive it, here is the link to click on and sign up.  I will not be doing student-led conferences as I like to visit with you, the parent/guardian.  Thank you!!!

Friday, October 20, is a Spirit Day.  Pay $1 to wear sweat/windpants.

Spelling - I know many of you are probably wondering why the spelling words have been so easy. Well, that changed last week.  As I said at the beginning of the school year, spelling is a process (pretest on Monday/posttest on Friday/practice at home all week). Last week, the list increased to 8 words and they are a bit harder. As we progress through the school year, the list will increase to 12 words.  Remember to practice saying and writing the words.  Also, mix up the word lists.  Your support at home is very helpful. 

Keep track of all of your reading minutes for the Pizza Hut/Pizza Ranch reading program.    

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fire Prevention Week - The first graders  learned about fire prevention in connection with the annual observance of fire prevention week (which is October 8-14).  Please look for a fire safety checklist for you and your child to complete in the take-home folder.  Please do this with your child.  I would like these completed checklists returned to school no later than Friday, October 20.  Also, the Creston firefighters visited the classroom and talked with the students about the importance of fire safety.  The first graders really enjoyed having firefighters in the classroom!!

Remember:  No school on Friday, October 13. And no school on Monday, October 16 for students at St. Malachy (public school does have school on this day).
Professional development days for teachers.

Parents/Guardians - If sending money/checks to school with your child, please put them in an envelope marked with where the money needs to go. And, remember when emailing about a possible change in your child's daily end of day plans, send the email to Sarah Lane and myself.  There are times when I am unable to check my email during the day.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Look at our star student!!!  Hadley Purdum
Every first grader will be featured sometime during the school year.
We loved learning about Hadley!!

Language ArtsPlease continue to review the high frequency word lists (also known as sight words) that I sent home at the beginning of the school year (kindergarten and Unit 1).  They are divided into the weekly lists we learn each week.  Go over these as often as possible.  These are the words that your child needs to learn.  Very few of them can be sounded out.  Have your child find them in stories when you read to them.  The more “frequently” they practice these words will make them a better, more confident reader.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Please look for the St. Malachy Pizza Hut/Pizza Ranch Reading program letter and calendar in today's take-home folder.  I am hopeful that all will participate!!!

Religion - October is the month of the rosary.  Mrs. Meisenheimer will be helping your child pray a portion of the rosary during religion class.  She will use a rosary (provided by the school) in the classroom with individual students.  This unit of study will continue throughout the month of October.  Ask your child what he/she is learning in religion class.

Please review all of the sight word lists that I have sent home.  I check each child's retention of these words once we finish a reading anthology.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Book orders are due on Friday, September 22nd!!

Homecoming - Next Friday, September 29, is red and black day. Your child is encouraged to wear red and black clothing to support Creston High School as they celebrate homecoming (It's also Spirit Day.  For $1, your child can wear sweatpants/windpants to school.)  Also, school will be dismissed 2 hours early/1:10 p.m., so everyone can enjoy the homecoming parade.
GO Panthers!!

Math - The first graders are very busy understanding addition and subtraction.  They are learning about joining groups together and taking groups apart.  Math vocabulary is important in this area of learning.  Words they will be expected to know and recognize will be:  
  • add 
  • addend
  • sum
  • addition sentence
  • plus (+)
  • is equal to (=)
  • subtract
  • difference
  • subtraction sentence
  • minus (-)
  • compare
  • more
  • fewer
Be sure to review their math work in the weekly take-home folder to see how they are progressing.  And many thanks to those students/parents who have returned the math homework for chapter 1.  I've received some positive feedback from sending the homework.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chromebooks - Your child has a Chromebook at school.  We started with how to unplug and carry the Chromebook carefully.  Also, each student has a pair of headphones that they have learned to plug into the computer.  I am so pleased with all of the first graders as they have learned a rather difficult log in procedure to "get on" their Chromebook.  And, they also can "sign out".  The students also can plug in their Chromebook and put away their headphones.  I want all of the first graders to be able to do this independently with little assistance from me.  (And they have!!!)  Once all of that was accomplished, we have been to some "sites" on the computer.  This year, we are utilizing a program entitled Dreambox to work on math concepts and skills.  The students also completed part of their FAST testing on the Chromebook.  And, your child will continue to use Code to learn the basics of computer science.  It's amazing that we have already accomplished all of this!!!  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Book Order - I sent a book order in the take-home folder Thursday.  Please look it over and if you are interested in ordering, you may do so online ( or by completing the order and returning it to school to me.  Orders will be due on or before Friday, September 22nd.  This is a great way to help your child practice their reading at home!!  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

“You Are the Star” BoardIn the corner of our classroom is a bulletin board where I feature a student from the class.  About every two months, one student will receive a special letter outlining pictures they need to brought to school for the board.  Before the end of the school year your child will be featured.  Please look for the special letter in their take-home folder sometime during the first grade school year.

Social StudiesThe first graders are spending time at the beginning of the school year talking about themselves and what it’s like to be in school.  It will help us all to acquaint ourselves with each other.   We will continue discussing the “how to be a friend” topic in class.  As we progress through the school year, I will update you on their Social Studies topics.

LibraryPlease help your child remember that library time is on Wednesdays this year. I know this a change from the past.  Your child needs to return their books to check out another.  Also, Wednesday will be the only day your child can go to the library. 
Please contact me if you have any questions.  

A la Carte - This year, your child may bring money (50 cents) to purchase an a la carte item at lunch if they want.  These items could include: chips, granola bars, beef jerky sticks, and slushies (There could be different choices as the year progresses) .  They can purchase only one item.  And, your child is responsible for their own money.  I ask that they keep it in their school bag, so please do not send too much money each day. Also, we have discussed that the money they bring is just for them.  They are not to buy items for other students.  The first graders have been very excited about this new lunch option, but I am hoping they still try to eat the lunch they ordered.  Any questions, please contact me.

Wear your favorite team tomorrow (Iowa, Iowa State, or your choice) to support the BIG game on Saturday!!!